It is important to know what a cystic pimple is before we delve on its cure and prevention. Naturally, this type of skin inflammation occurs when the person has a harsh case of acne vulgaris. Although considered as one of the most common skin diseases, it should be differentiated from bumps, measles, and boils. It is considered cystic when it is filled with fluid and is five millimeter large. They appear not just on the skin, but underneath as well. Similar to regular acne, this type is formed due to the clogged ducts of oil, which consequentially causes the skin to be infected.

The face and the back are considered to be the most likely places where the cystic pimple grows, and teenagers are the likely victims. Contrary to popular belief, food and hygiene does not always affect the growth of acne on the skin. According to research, the hormones of the individual play a bigger role in the appearances of certain skin diseases such as this one. The person whose family has a prevalent history of acne is more likely to be infected compared to others. Using certain medicines such as barbiturates could also arouse the growth. Furthermore, tropical climate also plays a role in the formation of pimples, which means that a person can only do so much in curing and preventing the spread of the skin infection. Looking to know how to get rid of spots you may go here.

Prevention is better than cure, so they say. One must be aware of certain aspects of his or her environment which could affect the face. Certain products for the skin and for the hair, when applied, can irritate the pores, which could encourage the formation of bumps. Medical research also shows that our natural body toxins are also the big causes of cystic pimple. According to studies, those taking an unhealthy diet lacking in fluid are more likely to grow cysts compared to many. Moreover, sugar, starch and cholesterol are also found to be culprits. Such food rich in those substances are unhealthy for the skin. In order to reduce the risk of cysts, the intake of water along with fruits and vegetables is a must.

Perhaps the most effective way to solve facial-related problems is to consult a dermatologist, one who is trusted and has more experience. He or she would most likely recommend oral medications (pills, tablets, vitamins) in order to lessen the swelling and infection. An antibacterial prescription is a difficult and oftentimes tedious way to stop acne problems with proper acne treatment but it is one of the most effective. If medications fail, however, the doctor would surely recommend facial procedures, which is considered to be the most expensive yet suitable method.

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